Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Richardson Gains Momentum on The Seacoast

Today, Bill Richardson's New Hampshire campaign announced the support of various Seacoast activists. The list includes Portsmouth Town Democratic Committee Chairman Peter Somssich, Portsmouth Democratic activist Thomas Slater, former Dover Mayor Wil Boc and State Representative Susan Kepner of Hampton.

Both Wil Boc and Peter Somssich have a son serving in Iraq. Somssich said that "In Iraq, our troops have become targets. Governor Richardson is the one Presidential candidate who understands that the removal of all US troops from Iraq with no residual forces left behind is the critical first step toward providing a real chance for peace and stability in the region. Our troops have done everything we've asked of them and it's time to bring them home."

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massdem said...

Didn't the Edwards folks announce Boc was with them?