Friday, September 28, 2007

Edwards Unveils North Country Economic Plan

Yesterday, John Edwards began his "Economic Fairness for the North Country." During the trip, Edwards revealed his Rural Recovery Act.

Here are the three main points of the plan:

To restore economic fairness in the North Country and rural areas across America , Edwards unveiled three new initiatives that expand on the Rural Recovery Act he proposed earlier this year:

Give older Americans more choices to help them live independently, including better transportation options, access to home health care, and protection from predatory lenders.

Help rural firefighters by fighting for fair funding levels, ending the Justice Department backlog on death benefits and guaranteeing job protection for volunteers while they are responding to an emergency.

Ensure rural towns have the resources they need to serve their citizens by protecting the Payments in Lieu of Taxes program from President Bush’s budget cuts.

“Edwards is the first presidential candidate to offer comprehensive and detailed plans for rural New Hampshire ,” said Paul Robitaille, Coos County Democrats chair. “He understands the challenges we face and is not only committed to preserving and strengthening our communities, but has the strength and vision to create the bold change we need in this country.”

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