Saturday, September 29, 2007

Obama Takes A Swipe At Bill Clinton

Appearing at a Concord rally, Barack Obama took a direct swipe at Bill Clinton.

Days ago, former President Bill Clinton told Bloomberg that Obama currently lacks the experience to run for office. Instead, Clinton compared Obama's amount of experience to when he (Clinton) decided not to run for office in 1988. In the interview, Clinton said "And I really didn't think I knew enough, and had served enough and done enough to run."

Today, Obama countered that criticisms by quoting Bill Clinton, who in 1992 said "The same old experience is not relevant. ... And you can have the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience."

Obama said "He's exactly right. What we need to do is put an end to the wrong kind of experience."

Here is an Obama press release on the Bill Clinton, Barack Obama story:

"Making his sixteenth visit to New Hampshire today, Senator Barack Obama told voters in Concord that his two decades of public service make him uniquely qualified to bring Americans together for the change we need.

Obama drew on the words of a previous presidential candidate who, like him, was criticized for being new to Washington politics.

"I remember what was said years ago by a candidate running for President. He said, 'The same old experience is not relevant. You can have the right kind of experience and the wrong kind of experience.'

"Well that candidate was Bill Clinton. And I think he was absolutely right."

You can find video of Clinton 's 1992 statement HERE

"I may not have the experience Washington likes, but I have the experience America needs—the ability to bring people together, stand up to the special interests, and tell the truth to the American people on the major issues we face, from Iraq to Social Security," Obama said."