Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jumbos Show Support For Richardson

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, most college students might either be sun tanning for playing Frisbee on a campus quad. Yet, a group of 38 students, from Tufts, took a bus from Medford to Hanover to show their support for Bill Richardson.

During the bus ride, students listened to their iPods, chatted among friends and one student was caught reading Plato’s “Trial and Death of Socrates.”

These students shared two things in common: their devotion to Tufts and their support of Richardson. Almost all the students were t-shirts with the Tufts name on it and gladly sported homemade buttons that read, “Tufts for Bill Richardson.”

The “Jumbos,” a nickname for Tufts students, were led in chants by State Representative and Tufts student Scott Merrick. Chants included “Govna Richardson he’s real fine/He’ll be President in ’09,” “Governor Richardson home on the range 2008 Experience change,” “Tufts University Here Today, Bill Richardson All the way.”

Photo is from Brian "Cosmo" Lawson