Friday, September 28, 2007

Haines Attacked In NYC

This past week, presidential candidate Robert Haines e-mailed people saying that he was attacked in New York City. Over the past couple of cycles, Haines has become a fixture on the presidential trail. He can often be seen in downtown Manchester, and at various events, wearing his trademark cowboy hat.

Here is his account of the incident:

"On September 18, a young man knocked Haines' hat off at the Washington Statue on the Platform in front of Federal Hall (U.S. Property), and ran behind the Statue Haines grabbed the man's shirt and the man hit Haines, as CBS News was getting ready to broadcast.

Haines told the NYPD (Cordova-CANINE & Reilly-SWAT) to arrest the man. The NYPD talked with the man, shook his hand and let him go. Haines said he objected and stated that he would contact Officer Reilly's Supervisor. Then Reilly (Irish, & democrat?) told Haines to pick up his signs and 6 paintings of George Washington and leave the area. Haines said that he was going inside to the U.S. Park Ranger, but Reilly went in first to talk with the Ranger and told him to call 1st Precinct NYPD to get Haines.

Haines returned to Federal Hall at 5 pm and spoke with members of the new NYPD shift and the Supervisor gave the ok for Haines to return to the Federal Platform. The Ranger said Haines had to leave Federal Hall Property and go across the Street. Haines said that order was in violation of the U. S. Constitution Amendment 1 and that he was filing a law suit in US. Court.

NYPD Officer Boitos said the Ranger spoke to him and NYPD-Boitras ordered Haines to go 1 block away. Haines stated to Boitros that he was filing a Law suit against Boitros and NYPD. Haines began campaigning 1 block away at Wall St. & Broadway."

A number of you have e-mailed me asking for more information on Haines. Here are some useful links:

-In 1994, Haines helped subdue a man that was firing a rifle at the White House.
-In 1998, Haines was convicted of reckless conduct for aiming a loaded rifle at someone.
-Giuliani, McCain, Romney, … Haines?
-One Straight Shooter: Robert Haines