Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April 5th Schedules

Here are the schedules for Thursday, April 5th.

Kucinich: Main Street Book Ends in Warner, Lincoln Financial Group in Concord, Women Making a Difference in Amherst, NH Institute of Art in Manchester

Richardson: Littleton community center, White Mountain Regional School in Whitefield, Tea Bird's Cafe in Berlin, Benz Center in Center Sandwich

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see somebody speaking who listens to his inner-truth. Dennis looks at the issues, not in a Democrat-Republican, left-right, black-white paradigm of absolutes, but from a position of truth and intuition. He makes up his mind on something after examining perceptions and information and proceeds standing on firm ground. If info comes in to sway his sense of understanding, he takes it in to account and applies it to his principles, empowering a just position.

People don't know who he is. People who know who he is may make fun of him or take him as a joke. Others may laugh or call him names. Regardless of any party, Dennis Kucinich stays true to himself. To me, that seems much more trust-worthy than these other Hollywood, carbon copy, fake puppets of both parties.

Dennis will be speaking @ 7pm, Thursday, April 5 @ the NH Institute of Art 148 Concord St., Manchester, NH