Monday, April 02, 2007

D'Allesandro and Eaton

Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan has up the latest information on Lou D'Allesandro and Tom Eaton. Landrgian writes that Clinton is courting D'Allesandro and Romney will be spending some quality time with former state senator Tom Eaton. Here's the piece and a link:

D’Allesandro would be prize catch for Clintons

It’s former President Bill Clinton on the phone.

Clinton reached out to Manchester Democratic Sen. Lou D’Allesandro on Wednesday on behalf of his wife, 2008 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

In 2004, D’Allesandro was with former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, but he’s playing the field, and Hillary Clinton, New York’s junior senator, would like nothing more than to steal him away.

D’Allesandro remains uncommitted, but he accepted Bill Clinton’s invitation to meet with Hillary on Friday night during a fundraiser in Boston.

Time after time, the Clintons have come to The Hub just before a federal election deadline (the latest one closed Saturday night) and walked away with a bundle.

Romney’s friends in N.H.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney will showcase the endorsement of former Senate President Tom Eaton when he campaigns Tuesday in Keene and Derry.

Eaton has been in the local news lately, fighting a Keene City Council attempt to take property near his former funeral home business by eminent domain for a downtown roundabout project.

Romney state campaign chair Bruce Keough of Dublin is an Eaton ally, and Eaton’s favorite local lawyer – Cheshire County Attorney and ex-Attorney General Peter Heed – is also on the Romney bandwagon.

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