Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Romney: I'm A Fiscal Conservative

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Mitt Romney is all about a results. At least that is the impression the Romney campaign hopes New Hampshire voters are receiving. Yesterday at the Opera House in Derry, Romney told the crowd that "things don't change in government" he added that people wonder "why can't anything get done in D.C."

In response to Rudy Giuliani's proclamation that he is the only fiscal conservative in the race, Romney said "I am a fiscal conservative." Romney said that if elected president he would submit a budget that reduces non-discretionary defense spending by funding programs at inflation, minus one percent. He even promised to veto any spending bills that do not meet this requirement. He argued that it would save the government $300 billion a year. The former Massachusetts Governor ended the town hall forum by saying that the source of America's greatness is that the "American heart is good."

On a side note, I got to meet Green Mountain Politics1 at the event, check out his reaction to the meeting here:

I'm not sure I'd call myself world famous, but definitely maybe a D list New Hampshire celebrity? At least, famous enough so that Mark Halperin recognized me.

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