Friday, March 30, 2007

At Least They Like Her Hair

Photo is: ©Chris Fitzgerald/

James "The Primary Source" Pindell reports from the Clinton event that the crowd loved her new haircut. In fact, a teacher loved it so much she publicly told the Senator that "it is more Hillary Clinton than Dorothy Hammel." Here is the full article:

CONCORD, N.H. – As New York Senator Hillary Clinton spoke with a teacher's union group about her plan for universal preschool and health care, one teacher stood up to say she liked Clinton's haircut.

“It is more Hillary Clinton than Dorothy Hammel,” said Kelly MacDonald, an English teacher at Manchester Central High School, to Clinton.
That prompted Clinton to spend more time than she usually does joking about her changing hair styles.

“There is so much fascination with my hair that I told Bill when he was president that if he wanted to get some international incident off the front page I would change it,” she said.

Clinton spoke for over an hour to 300 delegates at the National Education Association’s New Hampshire chapter. One of the leaders of that group is a close friend of Clinton’s, former Ambassador Terry Shumaker.

Clinton will be in Boston tonight for a campaign fund-raiser.

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