Friday, March 30, 2007

Is Hirshberg Joining The Edwards Campaign?

It appears that Gary Hirshberg is being actively recruited by John Edwards. Hirshberg is a former Vilsack supporter and prominent New Hampshire activist. During Edward's last visit to the state, March 15th, Edwards met privately with Gary Hirshberg at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics. Furthermore, the former North Carolina Senator is scheduled to tour Hirshberg's Stonyfield Farm yogurt plant in Londonderry. Is Hirshberg joining the Edwards campaign?

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yankeedoodler said...

I'm sorry that I don't have a link, but I specifically remember back in Nov '06 when Hirshberg endorsed Vilsack, he made it very clear that other candidates would be coming to see the facility and talk with employees.

So if he was going to do that even when Vilsack was still in it, I'm not sure the Edwards' visit may be significant.

On the other hand, I also imagine Hirshberg, given his green business success, must be pleased with Edwards' decision to go carbon neutral for the campaign.

-Dean, Blue Hampshire