Sunday, March 25, 2007

McCain: North Country Needs Assistance and Understanding

John McCain's views on Iraq took a back seat, as the Arizona Senator visited New Hampshire's economically stagnate North Country. McCain told reporters "They are frustrated and angry and sad. "I understand that. I really do." In Plymouth, McCain told the crowd "This is an area that is really a heartland but needs some assistance and understanding." McCain also criticized the Democrats for passing an Iraqi troop withdrawal bill. The Arizona Senator told the crowd in Plymouth that "It's one of the most shameful things I've seen. I'm sorry to tell you, this is one of the most shameful things I've seen in my 24 years in Congress. It's disgraceful."

Whitefield, New Hampshire, USA 03/24/2007 John McCain holds an antique flintlock pistol, once considered a gentlemen's weapon, during a campaign stop at Village Gun Store. His visit occurred on a day he campaigned in northern New Hampshire. The video person in the background is from the ABC news program, Nightline, which photographed his day of campaigning. ©Chris Fitzgerald/

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