Monday, March 26, 2007

Blogging With The Straight Talk Express

Matt Lewis, a Town Hall columnist, spend the weekend "blogging the straight talk express." Here is an excerpt from his article:

DURING MY TIME IN NEW HAMPSHIRE , McCain was never asked a single time (by a regular citizen) about campaign finance reform or the gang of 14. It occurs to me that many of the issues that hurt him inside the Beltway aren’t hurting him out in the states (which, is a good argument for why political analysts should venture out into the states, once in a while).

After the Littleton event, Soren Dayton (of and I interview some of the folks in attendance. Every one of them now says they are supporting McCain. Every single person tells me they are impressed by the fact that he is so “real.”

One fellow (a Baptist Preacher who had served in the Legislature) had, in the past, supported Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes. Now, he’s supporting John McCain. That strikes me as odd, but also proves my point that McCain is closer to conservatives outside the Beltway than he is with the insiders.

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