Sunday, March 25, 2007

Unity08 Hopes To Make An Impact In Prez Race

Former independent Maine Governor Angus King hopes to have an impact on the 2008 presidential race. Not has a candidate but as an active supporter of the non-partisan group Unity08. King told the Portsmouth Herald that "It all comes down to what are the choices and who the parties put forth versus who we manage to put forth. This is not an experiment; this is for real and we think it can happen." The Herald article also said that "Unity08 is a new concept, not a political party. It hopes to improve the discourse in the existing Democratic and Republican parties and to encourage leaders to compromise. Unity08 is now accepting applications for "delegates" across the country who will spread the word about the concept. In the spring of 2008, the organization will hold an online "convention" where the delegates will vote for a presidential candidate, likely a prominent centrist Republican or Democrat." For more information on the group check out their website at:

Could a Hagel/King ticket be out of the question? It certainly would make things interesting.

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