Monday, March 12, 2007

Blue Hampshire: What I Learned From The 100 Club

Dean, from Blue Hampshire, posted some interesting tidbits about the "100 Club" dinner. Here is what he observed:

All those times when I've sardined myself into a packed bookstore or high school gym to hear a candidate for free, I've wondered: Do you get what you pay for? If I shelled out some bucks and went to one of those high-roller fund-raisers, could I get serious face time with a big-name Democrat like Hillary Clinton?

Here's what I learned Saturday night at the New Hampshire Democratic Party's annual 100 Club dinner:

-$100 doesn't make you a high roller.
-Even the people who spent $500 for the pre-dinner reception looked pretty jammed together.
-Hillary Clinton gives a good speech.
-If you have a choice, go to a free rally.

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