Thursday, March 15, 2007

Edwards: Fight Poverty With Education

Today, Senator John Edwards delivered a speech on global poverty at Saint Anselm College. In his speech Edwards said "When you understand that, it suddenly becomes clear: global poverty is not just a moral issue for the United States - it is a national security issue for the United States. If we tackle it, we have the chance to change a generation of potential extremists and enemies into a generation of friends." To help eliminate global poverty, the former North Carolina senator called for creating a cabinet-level position and educating 23 million children in third-world nations.

However, the speech did not come without controversy. The New Hampshire College Republicans released a statement that read "It can’t be too hard pretending to worry about the plight of America’s poor while flying around in luxury jets and sleeping in a 29,000 square foot mansion." There was also a couple of College Republicans outside the event with the sign "St. A's College Republicans Welcome The First Female President." The other sign said "Campaigns: $45 mil., House: 28, 200 sq. ft., Giving A Speech on Poverty: PRICELESS!!"

***The Photo is ©Chris Fitzgerald/***


Andy Edwards said...

You can read his speech here. I got to watch it on a screen in the overflow room outside and I must say this is the greatest stuff I've heard from any candidate this year.

Anonymous said...

John Edwards is a phony! He is one of the wealthiest men in politics and he is running around yelling at us about how we should be punished for the stupidity of others.

Breck Girl is going too far off the deep end this time around!