Sunday, March 11, 2007

McCain To Bring Back "Straight Talk" Bus

The Concord Monitor is reporting that Senator John McCain will be resurrecting the 'Straight Talk" bus. McCain will be using the bus to travel the Granite State, next weekend. This will be McCain's first visit since October. Here's the full article:

"Sen. John McCain, winner of the 2000 Republican primary, will make his first visit to the state in 2007 next weekend, complete with the old "Straight Talk" bus.

He'll arrive in New Hampshire late Friday for a roundtable discussion with police officers and firefighters in Hudson and stay through March 19, state spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said.

No Concord events are planned, but the Arizona senator is slated to be in Bow Saturday night for a 6:15 house party at the home of Jayne and Shawn Millerick. Jayne Millerick is a former executive director and chairwoman of the state Republican Party. Those positions kept her from endorsing candidates before. This year she's backing McCain."

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