Monday, March 12, 2007

Hagel Waits on Run

Today, Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel decided that he would wait until later this year to announce his presidential ambitions. St. Anselm College professor Dante Scala expressed skepticism of a potential Hagel candidacy. The GraniteProf told The Politico that "Being critical of the president is one thing for a Republican primary voter, but poking him with a sharp stick at every opportunity is something else.” When discussing Hagel's opposition to Bush's Iraq policy, Scala said “If you’re that dead set against Bush and the war, why wouldn't you just give to a Democrat?” In other words, the GraniteProf sees no hope for Hagel. Sorry Chuck.

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Political Realm said...

Why is it impossible to believe that there are Republicans out there who are against the war? Sure, most of the remaining supporters are Republicans, but when something like 65% of the public at large think Iraq is a mess, at least some of those have to be Republicans.