Monday, March 12, 2007

Clegg Set To Endorse Huckabee?

It appears that Ms. Vanderbeek has been a busy bee. Days after joining the Mike Huckabee team, she has organized his upcoming visit. The Arkansas governor will be in New Hampshire on Wednesday, March 14th. In Concord, Huckabee will visit Delta Dental and attend a luncheon at the state library, which is being sponsored by state Senator Bob Clegg.

On a side note, Clegg and Vanderbeek were seen sitting next to one another at the Carol Shea-Porter event at St. Anselm College. Also, Clegg, along with Vanderbeek, attended the Huckabee dinner at the Merrimack Restaurant. Attendees noted that Clegg was taking random pictures of the audience. When will Clegg be endorsing Huckabee?

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