Monday, April 30, 2007

Biden To Dine With D'Allesandro

Democratic State Senator Lou D'Allesandro is attempting to organize a series of house parties, for presidential candidates. The first candidate to participate is Joe Biden. The Delaware Senator will be at D'Allesandro's house on June 1st. Details to be released later.

D'Allesandro has hinted that he is a "free agent," in the political endorsement game. In 2004, D'Allesandro was a supporter of John Edwards. So far this cycle the Manchester Dem has been at events for Obama, Clinton, Dodd, Richardson and Biden.


Anonymous said...

"In 2004, D'Allesandro was among the first supporters of John Edwards."


In fact, he was among Edwards's last supporters. He got a bushel of media play out of hemming and hawing and dithering until he was the only uncommitted Democratic senator left, then waiting and looking some more, then finally endorsing Edwards.

Cosmo said...

Thank you for the correction.

Anonymous said...

not entirely true. while the facts are right in that lou was the last senator to endorse (in public) a presidential candidate, he was a staple within the edwards organization long before his endorsement was announced.