Monday, April 30, 2007

Dodd: NH Voters Deserve To Hear Clinton, Obama

This afternoon, Chris Dodd released a statement on the DNC's refusal to sanction the upcoming New Hampshire debates. Dodd's statement appears to be a direct challenge to Clinton and Obama. A part of his statement even mentions that all Democratic candidates participated in last week's unsanctioned South Carolina debate. Senator Dodd's full statement reads:

"I am deeply disappointed that any candidate would use the DNC's decision as an excuse to duck the opportunity to debate in New Hampshire. In a year full of prepackaged, highly-controlled campaign events, New Hampshire voters deserve more. They deserve to hear the candidates respond to tough questions and see the difference between the candidates on important issues like Iraq and energy policy."

"Just last week, all eight Democratic candidates participated in a debate in South Carolina. It was not sanctioned by the DNC. It was sanctioned by the people of South Carolina. That forum gave South Carolina voters an opportunity to see and hear all the candidates who are seeking their votes. New Hampshire voters deserve nothing less."

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