Saturday, May 19, 2007

Press Release: Kucinich supports New England unions to block Verizon deal

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Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign released a press release on the Ohio Congressman's appearance at a union rally. Here is some of the release:

"Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich told a cheering crowd of nearly 1,000 labor and community activists from New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont that he would intervene to block Verizon's sale of its rural telecom business to Fairpoint, Communication. The action sets the stage for a dramatic showdown between unions who are challenging the sale and the nation's telecommunications industry, which has long been immune from significant challenges for its failure to provide rural communities with equal access to fiber optic service."

He also told the rally that:

"Rural communities would be left on the other side of the digital divide. Verizon doesn't want to serve rural communities in the tri-state and, based on its finances, Fairpoint can't. This deal doesn't pass the smell test."

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Laura said...

It's good that so many of the Democratic candidates have not only jumped in to fight Verizon's red-lining but have also added sections of their platforms on broadband policy. We need public policy that encourages the build-out of high speed broadband in every community and affordable for every citizen. Many of them have given credit for their positions to the CWA's Speed Matters Campaign, at