Saturday, May 19, 2007

Romney To Launch Immigration Ad

On the heels of an immigration deal, Mitt Romney is launching a new television ad in New Hampshire, entitled "Secure Borders." The ad's footage is from a Derry town hall forum, in which a resident questioned Romney's immigration policy. Here is the script of the ad:


QUESTIONER: "How would you deal with the border issue?"

GOVERNOR ROMNEY: "Number one, we should secure our border.

"And number two, we should put in place an employment verification system.

"And by that, I mean that everybody who is not a United States citizen, with a valid Social Security number, would be expected to get a card, with their name and their number and some biometric information. And would indicate their work status, whether they have a visa that allows them to work here or not.

"And then when an employer is thinking of hiring someone, if they don't have a valid Social Security number, he asks for the card, or she asks for the card. They input the number into the computer. The federal database immediately tells them whether they're available to be working or not.

"If they're not, you can't hire them. And if you do, you get the same penalties and fines as if you're not paying your taxes.

"Legal immigration is great. But illegal immigration, that we've got to end. Thank you. And amnesty is not the way to do it. Thanks so much, thank you."

"I'm Mitt Romney and I approve this message."

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Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. Americans can live nearly anywhere & work nearly anywhere very VERY easily. Who are we to say that others don't have the same opportunities as we do? Does the general (non-hispanic) public know just how difficult it is to obtain a visa to come to this country to work legally? It certainly NOT the same as an American wanting to work in another country.

The problem is that many Americans are far removed from their own ancestry struggles to IMMIGRATE here.