Thursday, May 17, 2007

Romney, Clinton Continue To Lead In NH

A new Zogby poll confirms recent polls that show Mitt Romney leading in the Granite State. Zogby has Romney leading the GOP field with 35% and Clinton as the front runner, for the Dems. Here is the press release:

"The telephone survey shows Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York holds a small lead over Barack Obama of Illinois, with former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards trailing behind—even as New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has seen his support jump to 10%.

Romney, who also shows a small lead in Zogby International’s latest poll in Iowa, leads the GOP field in New Hampshire with 35%, and distances himself from McCain and Giuliani who are tied at 19% support. While Romney has surged ahead 10 points since Zogby’s April poll in New Hampshire, McCain has seen his support decrease from 25%, and Giuliani holds steady at 19%—the same level of support he received in last month’s poll."

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Anonymous said...

Hillary and Barack would be a tough ticket. Fred, where are you and Rudy?