Monday, October 29, 2007

Edwards Calls Clinton Healthplan "a copy"

Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards spent Sunday rolling-out his healthcare policy.

Speaking at a specialized assistant living center for people with memory problems, Edwards discussed his proposal for universal healthcare coverage and the need to change the system in Washington.

“Changing the healthcare system will require us to stand-up to those who don’t want to see the system change,” Edwards told a crowd of 75 people at Arbors of Bedford.

Discussing the healthcare system, the Democratic presidential contender said people should speak-up and “not to stand quietly bye.”

“It’s just not sad, it’s wrong.”

When asked what the difference is between his plan and those purposed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Edwards said that his plan is mandatory while Obama’s is not and the Clinton plan is “a copy.”

“To be blunt about it, my plan came out in February and her plan came out in September. It’s pretty close to being a copy.”

Edwards criticized Clinton for accepting money from lobbyists representing drug companies and that “she’s actually taken more money from lobbyists than another candidate.”

“I don’t want a lobbyist deciding what kind of universal healthcare coverage we have in this country. I think we need to take their power away from them, instead of compromising and negotiation with them,” Edwards added.

Edwards concluded the event by telling the crowd that New Hampshire voters are “the guardians of the type of president we have.”

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