Friday, November 02, 2007

Obama Names 60 More Activists

From The Obama Campaign:

Sixty activists from the Manchester area and around the state announced this week that they've joined Barack Obama's grassroots campaign for change. As Obama continues to tackle the tough questions with straightforward answers, more and more Granite Staters are joining Obama's call for a new direction and new priorities. On the heels of a debate that showed clear differences between the candidates' approaches, these New Hampshire voters chose Obama as the candidate who has the character and integrity to bring about change we can believe in.

The following activists joined Obama in calling for real change:

James Bolle, Francestown – Activist and Founder of the NH Symphony
Jocelyn Bolle, Francestown – Activist
Danny Caudell, Manchester – Activist
Ellen Dokton, Weare – Professor and Activist
JoAnn Duffy, Goffstown – Chairman of Goffstown Planning Board
Frank Greaney, Merrimack – Activist
Rex Lint, Merrimack – Activist
Jan Lint, Merrimack – Activist
Barbara Mathews, Deerfield – Activist
Maria McNaught, Merrimack – Activist
Melissa Rogers, Manchester – Small Business Owner and Democratic Activist
Miguel Rubio, Manchester, Activist
Erik Shifflett, Candia – Environmental Activist
Roy Swonger, Merrimack – Community Leader
Ron Tornow, Merrimack – Activist

Nancy Clark, Webster – Activist
Susan Covert, Hopkinton – Environmental Activist
Candice Dale, Concord – Activist and Educator
Peter Ellis, Concord – Local Activist
Jess Ellis, Concord – Local Activist
Besty Guenther, Concord – Activist
Irene Irving, Concord – Activist
John Malmberg, Concord – Activist
Gilman Shattuck, Hillsboro – State Representative
Randy Foose, New London – State Representative

Edwin Allard, Laconia – Activist
Tim Arsenault, Laconia – Town Vice-Chair
Jon Arsenault, Laconia – Activist
James Cowan, Laconia – Former City Councilor
John Dickey, Gilmanton – Trustee of the Historical Society
Gerald Knight, Laconia – Activist
Patty Lane, Ossipeee – Green Mountain Democrat
Tara Shore, Laconia – Activist
Ron Cormier, Belmont – Selectman

Randy Cooper, Eaton – Activist and Former President of the NH Bar Association
Don Litchko, Conway – Carroll County Democratic Committee Treasurer
Carolyn Lucet, Eaton – Clinical Social Worker
Rob Upton, Bartlett – Lawyer

Beverly McKay, Nashua – Activist
Sid Das, Pelham – Activist
Vivian McGuire, Hudson – Activist
Richard McKay, Nashua – Activist
Cameron Monagle, Salem – Activist
Peter Morgan, Salem – Activist
Claire Plomaritis, Pelham – Former State Representative
Barbara Pressly, Nashua – Former State Senator
Jim Smith, Salem – Brigadier General USAF (Retired)
Alexander White, Salem - Activist

Doreen Cawley, Bennington – Activist
Edward Germain, Dublin – Selectman
Allen Humes, Winchester – Activist

Pat Baker, Hampton – Activist
Dan Bean, Lee – Town Democrats Vice Chair
John Flackett, Stratham – Former State Representative Candidate (2006) and Professor emeritus at Boston College Law
Mel Low, Rye – Activist
Jean Low, Rye – Activist
Donald Routhier, Somersworth – Somersworth Democratic Treasurer
Jen Soldati, Somersworth – Former Minority Whip, Current President of Somersworth Chamber of Commerce
Ronnie Werner, Rye – Activist

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