Monday, October 29, 2007

Still Struggling For A Halloween Costume? Be Chris Dodd

From The Dodd Campaign:

Today, the Chris Dodd for President Campaign came to the aid of parents and children across New Hampshire who are still struggling to find the perfect costume for Halloween. The campaign released the following directions for the Chris Dodd Halloween costume.

"Every year, parents and their children struggle to find that perfect Halloween costume," said Dodd spokesman Bryan DeAngelis. "We wanted to do our part to help by providing them with the option of going as the one candidate who has the proven leadership, record of results, and bold ideas that we need in our next President - Chris Dodd."

Required Materials and Instructions for the Chris Dodd Halloween Costume:

White Hair - Use hair color to turn your hair into a bright white just like Chris Dodd's.
A Passion for Service
A copy of the Constitution
A folder with literature about Dodd's bold ideas

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