Monday, October 29, 2007

Judd Gregg To Endorse Romney

Marc Ambinder reports this morning that "In Concord today, Sen. Judd Gregg will endorse ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, Republican sources with knowledge of the endorsement said."

"Gregg has been a quiet fan of Romney's since the former governor began to seriously think about running for president, but he's remained publicly neutral. Many of his senior aides and advisers have joined Romney's campaign."

We reported back in January that The Hotline predicted "Sen. Judd Gregg is said to be in Romney's camp, although his aides deny that he has picked his '08 candidate yet."

Once again, we ask the question: Will Joel Maiola, Gregg's chief-of-staff, drive the MittMobile? After all, Maiola did drive Jeb Bradley's Winnebago.

In a campaign press release, Senator Gregg said:
"I am proud to stand alongside Governor Romney as he campaigns to build a stronger America. For months, the people of New Hampshire have had the opportunity to meet Governor Romney all over the state and listen to his ideas for bringing change to Washington. Mitt Romney embodies New Hampshire's values – values that stress government living within its means, lower taxes, a stronger military and stronger families," said Senator Gregg. "Governor Romney is the strong leader we need to lead America forward. He has the experience, vision and values needed to be our next President."

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