Thursday, November 01, 2007

Clinton Surrogates To Campaign In New Hampshire

The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced that former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, Carol Browner, and Pennsylvania Congressman and Afghanistan veteran Joe Sestak, will travel to the Granite State this weekend to discuss Hillary's plans to make real change happen.

Saturday, November 3

Carol Browner Speaks at “Step it Up” Rally at Concord State House
NH State House
107 N Main Street
Concord, NH

Sunday, November 4

Congressman Sestak Kicks-off Nashua Canvass; Meets with Veterans
NH for Hillary Nashua Office
23 Elm Street, Unit A
Nashua, NH

Congressman Sestak Attends a Town Hall meeting at New England College
New England College
Simon Center - Sayce Lounge
24 Bridge Street
Henniker, NH

Congressman Sestak Attends Peterborough House Party
17 Eastridge Drive
Peterborough, NH


Anonymous said...

Now we have surrogates? Many 'surrogates' speak for other candidates and are never listed. Is this blogger a Hillary supporter? God forbid!

Cosmo said...

First, I've always posted the schedules of surrogates, from out of state. If you go through my archives you can find surrogates that have campaigned for Obama, Biden, Romney etc.

Second, I am not on the press release list for some campaigns. Thus, I do not receive information about their surrogates. For example, Steve Forbes was in the state and the Giulianin campaign did not give me his information, so I didn't post his schedule. If you know of anyone visiting please e-mail me and let me know.

Third, I am not a Hillary supporter. Some days it might seem that I only post Clinton stuff and that's because they're the only campaign that have released information that I would post. Other days it might appear that I'm a Romney or Obama supporter.

I post releases has they are given to me. This is a one-man operation and if I miss any information I rely on readers to e-mail me and let me know. So if I'm missing something, get in touch with me. Otherwise don't complain that I haven't posted something.