Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Is D'Allesandro Preparing To Endorse Dodd??

Is state Senator Lou D'Allesandro preparing to endorse Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd? In the recent National Journal rankings they had this sentence: "Lou D'Allessandro, an influential state senator, is becoming his unofficial Sherpa -- though he hasn't endorsed Dodd." The senator was with Dodd yesterday and called his appearance "very, very good." However, Senator D'Allesandro has been seen at various events with Clinton, Obama, Biden and Edwards. If Senator D'Allesandro endorses Dodd, it certainly would increase Dodd's stock in the Granite State.

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Anonymous said...

D'Allesandro is the most overrated bag of wind in NH politics. Hell, the guy almost lost to Joe Kelly Levasseur, twice! In Lou's home ward, his 2004 candidate of choice, John Edwards, finished fourth, behind Kerry, Dean, and even Lieberman.