Friday, March 23, 2007

New Poll Numbers!!

ARG (American Research Group) released new poll numbers for the Granite State. The poll shows Clinton leading Obama and McCain beating Rudy. The poll was taken from March 19th-22nd. Here are the numbers.

Clinton: 37%
Obama: 23%
Edwards: 20%
Biden: 2%
Richardson: 2%
Clark: 1%
Dodd: 1%
Kucinich: 1%
Undecided: 12%

McCain: 23%
Giuliani: 19%
Romney: 17%
Gingrich: 11%
F. Thompson: 10%
Hagel: 2%
Brownback: 2%
Tancredo: 1%
Undecided: 15%

Check here for details:

Also, check out Jonathan Martin's explanation over at The Politico:


Psycheout said...

RINOs are still leading the GOP pack. Wake up conservatives!

Sam Brownback should be doing much better than this. Are voters really so blind that they cannot see?

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that Fred Thompson is already polling at 10%.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of polling numbers, Chelsea Conaboy reports in this week's Concord Monitor (March 21) on global warming numbers among R and D likely primary voters. The Mellman Group did the poll in December for Clean Air Cool Panet.

Seventy percent of Republicans and 94 percent of Democrats called global warming a serious threat, though smaller majorities in both parties said they believed it was a human byproduct. Ninety-six percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans said the United States should take action now to reduce emissions.

Now that 145 NH towns have passed the NH Climate Change Resolution - including a lot of Sununu 2000 towns - why would NH Republican GOP chair Fergus Cullen dismiss the issue ("Republican candidates will have to be prepared to answer questions about it," Cullen said, "but it's unlikely the questions will be asked by Republican primary voters." - (March 20 Cox News Service). He's not representing me.