Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cox Tries To Get Recognized In NH

Yesterday, long-shot Republican presidential candidate John Cox was in New Hampshire spreading his message. The Union Leader's Garry Rano has more:

"He has spent $800,000 of his own money hiring staff, organizing, printing campaign material renting office space, appearing on radio and paying for travel expenses because he wants to see change. But his message has largely been ignored by the national media."


Anonymous said...

This guy's been here 14 times and he cannot get anyone to support him.

The UL shouldn't be humoring him like this, or confusing voters who want a real candidate.

He's been on FOX News, CNBC, MSNBC and hundreds of radio stations across the nation. He has NOT been ignored.

That said, his fundraising has been pathetic. $13,000 in 13 months does not inspire confidence. NH Senate candidate raise far more from donors.

This dog won't hunt. Period. Time to move on.

Michael said...

The paper should have asked some serious questions about this guy, like his lack of ability to fundraise and his ever-shrinking staff. They should have also not relied only on his word that people are "praising" him. Cox has a habit of exaggerating - or outright lying - about people's supposed support.

A one-source story is not worthy of a paper of national stature like the Union Leader.