Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wallner Supports Clinton's Pre-K Program

The Clinton campaign announced that "NH Educators Praise Hillary Clinton’s Pre-Kindergarten For All Children Plan." Here is an excerpt of the release:

"New Hampshire educators are praising Hillary Clinton’s proposal to expand pre-kindergarten classes to serve all of America ’s 4-year-olds, providing them with a high-quality early education that studies show leads to higher achievement, graduation rates and higher-earning careers.

"Senator Clinton's pre-K proposal shows she understands that the wisest investment we can make for the future of our country is the investment we make in our children's education,” New Hampshire House Majority Leader Mary Jane Wallner, who has been a prominent early childcare advocate in New Hampshire for decades and Director of the Merrimack Valley Day Care in Concord, NH. “Brain research has shown that developmentally appropriate early education programs help young children obtain the skills they will need to be successful in school.”

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