Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rudy: Dems Not Serious on Terrorism

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Rudy Giuliani, while delivering a speech to employees and their spouses at Peerless Insurance, accused the Democrats of not seriously considering the threat from foreign terrorist groups. Afterwards, while talking to reporters, Giuliani stated that his accusation was leveled particularly against Democratic candidate John Edwards.

Earlier in the day, the former New York Mayor spoke to New Hampshire Republicans at a breakfast in a hotel across the Connecticut River in White River Junction, and then crossed the river to speak to employees at Crown Point Cabinet in Claremont. In White River Junction Giuliani called the Senate immigration proposal a "hodgepodge" and said that "I've gone over this thing about four times. I'm a lawyer. I've actually written laws, argued cases. I'm having a hard time understanding this law." In addition to immigration, Giuliani advocated that the nation should take the offense in the fight against terrorism, rather than reacting to it.

Before getting on a bus at the last event, some young men presented him with baseballs and paper materials which they asked him to autograph. As he signed them, one of them asked him to write the numbers '9/11' on the baseballs. Giuliani politely declined.

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Anonymous said...

Democrats are serious on terrorism. Republicans and Republican President have made the country less secure by pursuing the war in Iraq. We should have concentrated in figthing and destroying the Taliban in Afghanistan in which they are rising again. We cannot capture Bin Laden because we are not putting the resources to do so. Come Rudy...This is not a Democratic or a Republican issue. It is an American issue. Both parties should put the resources together to protect the Country. ENOUGH OF THIS SCARE TACTICS BY THE's not working any more.