Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Edwards Announces Support From Claremont, Keene, and Upper Valley Activists

Today the John Edwards New Hampshire campaign announced the support from activists in Claremont, Keene, and the Upper Valley. These activists will form the Edwards for President Regional Leadership Committees. Among the endorsers are ten state reps, three town chairs and the Deputy Senate Majority Leader.


Peter Burling; State Senator; Deputy Majority Leader
Phyllis Katz
Larry Shulman
Sheila Shulman
Karen Ryan
Harold Perkins; Treasurer, Newport Democrats
June Mohla
Bob Grimley
Linda Fuerst
Joanna Sharf
Cheryl McGinnis
Jay Phinizy; State Representative; Chair, Environmentalists for Edwards


Ellen Abraham
Patricia Barry; Rindge Town Chair
Rosa Bromberg
Timothy Butterworth; State Representative
Joe Byk
Claudia Chase; State Representative
Ronald Cheney
Christopher Coates
Jack Crawford
Nancy Crawford
Kay Delanoy
Brenda Dunn
Tim Dunn; State Representative
Peter Espiefs; State Representative
David Essex; State Representative
Kelly French
Amelie Gooding
Christian Hettinger
Eric Jackman
John Jordan
Robert Leahy; Marlborough Town Chair
Claire Oursler
Ronald Mack; State Representative
Timothy Robertson; State Representative
Mark Seidler
Maralyn Steinberg
James Trow; Mayor of Bennington
Paul Venezia
Charles Weed; State Representative
Lee Whitfield

Upper Valley:

Sharon Nordgren; State Representative, Former Assistant House Minority Leader
Deb Nelson
Mary Kukowksi
Lori Shipulski; Hanover Town Chair
Sandra Zubkoff
David Montgomery
Pat Danielson
Scott Pauls
Scott & Sharon Haire
Nancy Hart
Sandra Hoeh
Chris Seibel
Pam Hammond
Sylvia Peterson

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