Monday, August 13, 2007

Obama Calls For "New Kind of Politics"

From The Obama Campaign:

At a roundtable at Jesse’s Restaurant in Hanover this morning, Senator Barack Obama kicked off a day of discussion with New Hampshire voters about the need for real change in Washington. Obama sat down for breakfast with a small group to discuss the way that broken culture in Washington affects the lives of everyday Americans. Later in the day Obama was to meet with voters at a roundtable at Lindy’s diner in Keene .

"Americans of every background and belief are hungry for a new kind of politics—a people’s politics that reconnects them with their government; one that offers not just a vote at the ballot box, but a voice in Washington and an assurance that the leaders we send there will hear it," Senator Obama said in that speech. "The people I’ve met across this country don’t just want reform for reform’s sake, they want reform that will help pay their doctor’s bills, or ensure that their tax dollars are spent wisely, or put us on the path to energy independence. They want real reform and they’re tired of the lobbyists standing in the way."

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Will Carlyle said...

If I hear Obama try to sell his patronizing "new kind of politics" or shallow "hope" talk one more time, I'm gonna lose it. This guy's all talk. Does he really expect everyone to forget their beliefs and party lines, just for the sake of "uniting" under "one America"?!

cliché x 5. He deserves to be laughed out of the race immediately.