Friday, August 17, 2007

A Walk Down Central Ave.

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Staying true to his low profile status in the campaign, Congressman Dennis Kucinich strolled down Central Ave. in Dover, NH Thursday on his way to an open house at his regional HQ. Kucinich, joined by his wife Elizabeth, made planned stops with health care voters at the Café at the Corner and patrons at Harvey's Coffee Shop Bakery, but never failed to engage pedestrians he ran into on the sidewalk. One such person was a young boy, accompanied by his father, who asked Kucinich about his policy on animal rights and protection at a street corner. Mr. and Mrs. Kucinich spent nearly five minutes talking to the father and son, crouching all the while on the sidewalk together.

Kucinich was greeted by an enthusiastic and diverse gathering at his campaign office and spoke to a number of questions from the audience including alternative approaches to America's healthcare system and a solution to Uganda's "Invisible Children" crisis, an issue Elizabeth Kucinich impressed the room with by speaking from experience about her recent visit to the region.


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