Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Edwards Unveils New Outreach Programs

The John Edwards campaign has announced a series of new "online outreach technologies." These new programs are being unveiled in the Granite State. Programs include live streaming events and a new message program using text and voice messages. Supporters who use the new programs, and host a house party, will be able to attend the upcoming Democratic debate with Elizabeth Edwards.

Here's an official campaign statement:

"We are very excited to announce a variety of new ways for New Hampshire voters to get involved with the John Edwards campaign," said New Hampshire state director Beth Leonard. "We are now live streaming Edwards events in New Hampshire at, syndicating them on our Facebook and MySpace pages and even earning big praise for it on DailyKos. We are also excited to announce that Elizabeth will be launching our new text and voice message program this week with a contest to win a ticket to join her at the presidential debate in Hanover on September 26th."

New Hampshire voters can now sign up for geo-targeted audio and text mobile updates about the campaign at The first NH audio mobile message will be sent out this week with a special message from Elizabeth Edwards. Elizabeth ’s message will ask voters to host a house party for John Edwards and inform them that the host of the house party with the most attendees will win a ticket to accompany her to the next presidential debate on September 26th at Dartmouth College.