Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Former Milton State Rep Endorses Richardson

Former Milton State Representative Nancy Johnson has decided to endorse. The former four-term state representative submitted the following article.

I attended the meeting at the Waldron Towers in Dover to hear Governor Richardson talk about the issues. It is clear to me that the Governor has the experience we need and ideas and solutions to issues that are important to many of us.

The Governor has 14 years of experience in Congress, years of work as a diplomat getting results in North Korea, Iraq, and the Middle East. He was also the US Ambassador to the United Nations, service as Secretary of the Department of Energy, and is currently serving his second term as Governor of New Mexico. I don’t know of any other candidate with this kind of background nor the depth of his experience nationally and internationally.

While there are many issues the Governor talked about, a few that seemed to present important changes included giving veterans and service people the ability to get their health care from any provider, abolishing the marriage penalty in the tax code, and get rid of “No Child Left Behind”. He also made it very clear that we need to focus more attention in our schools on science and math and bring physical education back. The Governor has a plan for alternative energy and wants the Federal Government to be required to balance the budget.

A few weeks ago, I met a man from New Mexico. I asked him about the Governor and he said “he lowered my taxes and he is a super Governor. He cares about the environment, but he also cares about people.”

It seems like a no-brainer. The Governor has the best background and the best ideas of any of the candidates. Finally, what I really like about the Governor is he is not “packaged” and prepped to say what people want to hear. If he doesn’t agree with you, he at least says he will keep an open mind. He came in the room, without loud rock music blasting, and just talked and more importantly – listened to every single person who had a comment or had a question. Isn’t this what we need? Experience, plans for changes, and a person who listens.

Nancy K. Johnson