Saturday, September 15, 2007

McCain Attempts To Drum-Up Support For Surge, While Seperating Himself From Bush

John McCain’s “No Surrender” tour rolled into Londonderry’s American Legion Post 27, on Friday. The event was the last of a two-day trip in which the Arizona Senator attempted to drum-up support for the Iraq surge.

McCain was introduced by wife Cindy who said that she could not prevent her husband from running for president because "I could not, in good conscience, say no to my husband, knowing he is not only the most qualified, has the most character and has the most understanding of this issue.”

This summer McCain’s youngest son, Jimmy, joined the Marine Corps. While his oldest son, Jack, currently attends the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

McCain began ten minute remarks by holding up a copy of the’s controversial New York Times ad. During the most forceful part of his remarks, he called the ad “disgraceful,” “remarkable,” and “outrageous.”

He then urged presidential candidates to “repudiate such an attack on the honor and integrity not only of General Petraeus but also the officer corps of the United States military.”

During a press conference with reporters, McCain sought to separate himself from President Bush.

When questioned whether he feared being linked to an unpopular President, McCain said, “I hope that people examine my record. Also, they should know that I disagreed with the Rumsfeld strategy, from the beginning.”