Sunday, February 11, 2007

Clinton Meets Roger Tilton in Berlin

Before arriving in Concord, Hillary Clinton visited Berlin. In Berlin the New York Senator spoke before 500 people at the Berlin City Hall. The Clinton Berlin might be known has her "Roger Tilton moment." James Pindell of the Boston Globe has more:

Roger Tilton, a certified financial planner from Nashua, asked her “if once and for all” she would admit that the vote [on Iraq] was a mistake. Since then, former Senator John Edwards and Senator John Kerry have said it was a mistake.

Clinton repeated her often-used phrase that “if I were president, there never would have been a vote.” But that was not enough for Tilton.

“She has plenty of great things to say that I agree with, but I cannot even listen to them until I hear her say flat out it was a mistake,” Tilton told reporters afterward."

Also, while crossing the street Clinton greeted a young girl who was holding a cell phone. The girl, with Hillary standing there, called her mother to say that she was speaking with Hillary Clinton. Perhaps the mother didn't believe it, because Hillary spoke into the phone and said, "Hi, this is Hillary Clinton."

Inside City Hall, when Hillary was introduced to the crowd, a technician was placing a mic on her. She said to the crowd, "I'm not turned on yet." At the next event in Concord, the same thing happened.
So far the major press story from the Clinton trip has been the questions she has received about her Iraq stance.
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