Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Romney Announces

Today Mitt Romney announces his presidential candidacy in Dearborn, Michigan. Here are some excerpts from this speech:

How will this new American dream be built? Our hopes and dreams will inspire us, for we are an optimistic people. But hope alone is just crossing fingers, when what we need is industrious hands. It is time for hope and action. It is time to do, as well as to dream!

"As we look around us in this museum, we see the evidence of American innovation – airplanes, automobiles, appliances. But these are not America 's greatest innovation. America 's greatest innovation is freedom. Without freedom, we have nothing. With freedom, nothing can hold us back.

"Freedom has made the American dream possible. Freedom will make the new American dream possible. And with the work, sacrifice, and greatness of spirit of the American people, freedom has made America – and will keep America – the greatest nation on earth. God bless America ."

The Mittster will be in Hopkinton tomorrow. However, the event might be canceled, due to the expected snow storm. Stay tuned for updates.

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