Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Obama Fills UNH Gym With Anti-War Message

Barack Obama was at UNH-Durham the other day. James Pindell wrote that, "Obama stood in the middle of a packed gymnasium at the University of New Hampshire of about 2,300 people. In December, he spoke at a rally of 1,500 people in Manchester. Over the weekend, Senator Hillary Clinton’s largest audience was 1,500 at Concord High School." The Obama event also had about 800 people on a waiting list. The Illinois Senator also told the dominately college crowd that, "We are now in the midst of a war that never should have been authorized, never should have been wage. Unless we bring that war to a close, we cannot deal with those other problems."

***The Photo is ©Chris Fitzgerald/CandidatePhotos.com*** Obama is staring into the crowd, looking at a questioner.

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