Thursday, February 15, 2007

International "That's What She Said" Day

Today is the day you have all been waiting for. Today is the International "That's What She Said" Day. "That's What She Said" is a saying that is used to highlight sexual innuendo. Here are some situations you can use it in:

-The mall, preferably by interjecting into a strangers conversation. For example:

Girl talking to best friend: "Have you ever had a toblerone chocolate bar?"
Girl's Best Friend: "Yes, it was the best I've ever had."
You (Loudly and from behind): "That's what she said!"

-Classy restaurants.
Waiter: "Be careful, sir, it's quite hot."
You (making determined eye contact): "That's what she said."

If you still don't understand, check out this YouTube Video:

Remember to be clever!!


Anonymous said...

rather an inappropriate and not needed in a professional blog.

Cosmo said...

Yes, you are right that the article is probably inappropriate. However, every once in a while you need to shake things up and put in an off beat post. Sorry if you were offended, but it's a saying from one of the best shows on TV...The Office.