Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chris Dodd outlines National Service Plan

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From a Chris Dodd press release:

Speaking on the steps of Nashua City Hall where John F. Kennedy held his first campaign event in 1960, Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd today outlined his comprehensive national service plan -- the American Community Initiative. Saying that America needed to tap the resources of all its people to meet the challenges before us, Dodd called on all Americans to establish a new era of American Patriotism through service.

Key elements of Dodd's American Community Initiative include:

-Promote the Corporation for National Service (CNS) to Cabinet Status.
-Mandate School-Based Service as a Requirement for High School Graduation.
-Double the Size of the Peace Corps by 2011 and Again by 2050.
-Dramatically increase the number of AmeriCorps Members to 1,000,000 and immediately raise the amount of the education award.
-Create a Rapid Response Reserve Corps.

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