Friday, June 29, 2007

Medical Marijuana Group Organizes For Primary

A group called the "Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana" has recently formed. According to a press release:

"With the medical marijuana issue already drawing attention on the presidential campaign trail, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has returned to New Hampshire to join with local residents in an effort to press the candidates to take a stand on behalf of the seriously ill and their caregivers.

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, Granite Staters for Medical Marijuana is a grassroots coalition of patients and activists. GSMM is organizing during the New Hampshire presidential primary campaign to raise awareness of the need for federal action to protect medical marijuana patients. For further information, please see"

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a worth cause and a no-brainer for candidates. Somebody should ask Huckabee and Brownback if Jesus would have cancer and glaucoma patients arrested.