Sunday, June 24, 2007

Tancredo: NH Victory Would Galvanize Campaign

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Over fifty people turned out to hear Tom Tancredo speak at a house party in rural Westmorland, NH. At the conclusion, he told the audience that if could place well in the New Hampshire Primary election, it would galvanize his campaign because of the attention it would receive nationwide.

After the candidate had departed, one attendee of the party confirmed his support for Tancredo. Jim Flanders, a proponent of the right of an individual to bear arms, pulled back his jacket for a photographer, revealing a concealed Smith & Wesson 38 Special that he was carrying legally, as a matter of course. He said, "You can't take away law abiding American's guns because they won't stand for it." He attended the party with a friend who was also carrying a concealed pistol. He surmised that several other people at the event with whom he was acquainted were also toting concealed weapons, all legally.

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Anonymous said...

Keep the momentum going , support the only candidate who will deport illegal aliens... a candidate who is willing to America first. I give you TOM TANCREDO.