Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hunter To Walk Merrimack Parade

On July 4th, Congressman Duncan Hunter will be participating in the Merrimack 4th of July parade.

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Anonymous said...

A proud American transplant from "Taxation land" (Maine) to the Live Free or Die State (New Hampshire) of the past 13 years, my Family and I attended the Merrimack Independence Day parade.

After applauding our State Champion HS baseball team, and many other local participants to our parade, and enduring some of the better known but tedious socialists marching to increase their support in the democrat NH primary, I was finally driven to rise from my seat, stand, applaud, and shake the hand of a true American - Duncan Hunter.

While reading the Reagan Diaries and after watching the debates and reviewing the field of candidates, I found Duncan Hunter to be my candidate of choice.

My Independence Day celebration was made complet by shaking the hand and providing a word of encouragement to Duncan Hunter, the best candidate in the race for President of the greatest Nation Under God, whether some choose to recognize that truth or not.

Charles Martin
Proud Infidel American
Merrimack, NH