Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Clinton, Romney Lead; Gore Would Beat Clinton

A new 7NEWS-Suffolk University poll shows Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton leading their respective fields. According to the poll, "Of likely Democratic voters, 37 percent said they support or lean to Hillary Clinton, 19 percent picked Barack Obama, while John Edwards and Bill Richardson each received 9 percent." However, the poll also shows that 32 percent of Democrats would vote for Al Gore over the candidate they are currently supporting.

On the GOP side Mitt Romney is leading with 26 percent, followed by Rudy at 22 percent, McCain at 13 and Fred Thompson with 13 percent.

The poll also showed New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg with 6-to-8 percent of the vote. In six general election scenarios the Democratic nominee would maintain or improve their margins.

The poll can be found here:

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