Monday, June 25, 2007

Paul Pays NH 3rd Visit; Supporters Raise Money

This event summary and photo was submitted by Jane Aitken. Mrs. Aitken is a supporter of Congressman Paul. Here is her story:

Friday June 22nd, US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (R) made his 3rd trip to NH.

First stop was the taping of Arnie Arnesen's television show "Political Chowder" which aired on Sunday the 24th. He also taped another show with a young local host, Lee Rogers.

He then taped two radio shows at WXKL studios in Concord. One was for WXKL's 1450 AM political news, and the other for NH Taxpayer Radio with Ed Naile and Jane Aitken, likely to air in July .

Dr. Paul then attended a dinner with NH Right To Life at the Chateau Restaurant in Manchester, arranged by Barbara Hagan.

Aitken, who has to date raised over $25,000 for Dr. Paul in just two visits, said the campaign is growing by leaps and bounds.

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