Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blogging The UNH Debate

Tomorrow is the FOX News Republican debate at UNH. We're told that it's being billed has one of the "largest event of this New Hampshire primary season."

For this main event, I will be blogging, with James Pindell,for the website "The Primary Source." You will be able to find our reporting at: The Primary Source

If you happen to be at UNH, you can find me in the press filing room and the Spin room. I will be the college aged student with a laptop computer with the sticker "America Rocks." If that's not descriptive enough I will be wearing a blue sports coat with brown elbow patches along with a blue and white tie. If you can still not find me give me call on my cell at (603) 854-0517.

If you're able to find me, I just might give you one of my snazzy business cards.